Nothing Personal


There is nothing so personal. Every individual’s inner experiences of fear, doubt, guilt, shame, love, anxiety, pain and existential despair are all part of the collective human psyche. Everyone has this secret inner life and it is connected to the whole fabric of the human existence.

And this, I think, is the biggest revelation for acceptance of any kind of shame, guilt, fear, doubts we have, as by virtue of being born as humans, everyone of us has this. We tend to think that no one has the exact ‘weird’ thoughts or fears as we have, but our inner lives are surprisingly common. Though everyone has an unique inner life, there is so much in common.

This realization leads to nothing but a total acceptance of ourselves. There is nothing personal happening to us. We are all one being in that sense. My deepest fears and doubts would be definitely shared by millions of people across the world. This revelation is nothing but a gift from God. Gift for total self acceptance.

No thought, emotion or fear has any intentions. They occur naturally to us. There is no hidden agenda in them. They are not our enemy. They are part of us. They exist, in a way, to serve us and to protect us. This understanding leads to non-judgmental awareness of everyday life. You accept things and do not see any intentions behind them. And you feel so much closer to everyone around you, as they are also going through the same experiences you go through.

We are programmed to never feel safe to be alone or isolated from a group. This led to more chances of survival in our past. But we are no longer living in caves, and in the wild, as our ancestors did. If we think we have a strange thought or fear, we crumble out of the fear of not being in conformity with the group. We tend to feel isolated and fear ostracization, since we think nobody would be going through the tormenting experiences we go through. Life is ‘fairly random’. It does not have priorities or intentions. It flows through everyone of us without any bias.

When we step out from being identified with our personal experiences, we get so much freedom. Freedom to experience and accept whatever that flows within us. We start to grow and see the bigger picture, not getting stuck in one’s own myopic vision. And we start to feel so much love for people as we are all part of the same human predicament.


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