Trance of an hug


I, being raised in a typical Indian family, have never been familiarized with non-romantic hugs. They are a thing only lovers do, at least,  that was what I was trained to believe. It is quite unfortunate, that the majority of people I have lived with, were never able to express their affection non-verbally, since my childhood.

I recently attended a five weeks self-discovery program, at Auroville. During the program, for most of the days, we used to hug all the participants. In the briefest of those moments, what I felt was absolutely beautiful. When we hug a person, at least for a briefest of moments, the other person’s past and his/her personality vanish. At that moment, all that exists is pure love for the fellow being. All the anger, hate, and prejudices about the other person whom we hug vanishes, for the tiny fraction of the time.

Every one of us longs for one thing from the moment we are born. We want to be appreciated. Hugging is a great way of showing appreciation for the other person. Certain people may not feel comfortable hugging. Some people, like me, still can’t ease into the moment, even when hugged. But, when you offer to hug a person, you are appreciating and validating, the very existence of the person.

It gets both of you to another dimension, where you slip back to your innocent purest of hearts. That possibility exists at every moment. Hugging accepts imperfection, it does not discriminate good or bad. It is like fire, all things, good or bad, perfect or imperfect, when put into it, becomes one with it.

We lose our identity while hugging. There are no judgments or thoughts, happening within us. The world badly needs a lot of hugs. Depression and feelings of loneliness, are becoming an epidemic. This simple act of showing love to the other person goes a long way in helping him. You might even make his day. A day full of love and laughter.

The sense of separation exists only in our minds. They are not present in reality. But for most people, including me, it just remains as an intellectual understanding, it is not an existential reality yet. But simple acts of showing and expressing your love makes you live the truth. And living with your truth is the only way out. It takes a lot of courage and facing vulnerability on your part.

So what are you waiting for?. Give me a hug!.


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