A cry for love


I am not ashamed to say that, this piece of writing is coming from a center of insecurity and anxiety in me.  A cry to reach out to the world, and longing for inclusiveness. I am happy about the all the imperfections, with which I write here. The unknown and wounded parts in me, are longing for attention and love. All I am doing here is, exposing my vulnerabilities and “open-sourcing” my humanness. One thing is that it gives me satisfaction, as I am not leaving any stones unturned in the process of self-care and love.

Even failures will not affect us when we have done all that could be done. When you have exhausted all the possibilities, you finally can let go. Even Buddha went to various masters and did sadhana for several years, but he could not get what he wanted. Only after he gave up, he saw the truth in its simplicity. He was able to let go completely because he had exhausted all that he possibly could.

I am trying to give a platform to the being in me, to feel nurtured and loved, by exposing its vulnerabilities out and loud. Somewhere someone could resonate with this. That will serve the purpose. This way I am happy that I am doing all that I could. Lots of things are coming out of a space of insecurity and a space of fear in me. But, I am trying to allow my compulsions ‘consciously’.

The Human need to be loved, and cared for, is so human and natural. Every human being deserves that. We, as a species, had always been living in close groups and in communities, till recently. As Tagore says in his book Sadhana, our ancestors did not have the sense of a boundary as they were living in open spaces in the wild. But as our civilization ‘progressed’, and we started living in separate blocks called houses, all hell broke loose. The sense of separation started to ingrain deeply in us.

feel lonely

The hidden world of us is so delicate and innocent. There are millions of people, including me, who at lots of times feel lonely. That clearly shows that we definitely are not alone. A study conducted in the UK showed that 1 in 10 people, has no close or best friends, and 1 in 5 has never felt loved. It is the greatest kept secret ever. This is the first time in the history of humanity we are so much separated. It’s high time we place the value of human connection in the center of our equation.

All of us live our lives alone. Everyone experiences life individually. Yet there are lots of differences between aloneness and loneliness. We need an archaic revival as Terence Mckenna puts it. It’s time we revive our togetherness and live in communion, hence in communities. It’s time we show empathy and respect for the fellow beings. It’s time to lead an inclusive and sustainable life where love and harmony are in the center. It’s time we give ourselves the opportunity, to be healed and heard.

It’s a cry for love for the unloved parts in me and in others. I love you, and do you love me?


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