Absurdity of ‘Normal’


“If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.”
― Maya Angelou

From the very beginning of our lives, I believe, we have been constantly taught to be in conformity with the so-called normality. One is expected to behave in a normal way, think normal thoughts, have normal emotions, have a normal lifestyle and so on and so forth. And most of us are in a constant battle of being in a sane vicinity to this line of normalcy. Well, who the hell draws this illusionary line of normality?

Even, if the line of normal is created by the society(which itself is an abstract thing) for our better survival, is it really helping everyone? Can this one-size-fits-all goal be applied to everyone? This abstract model of normality has its own limitations. It can be perfectly OK to follow it with respect to the outer world, but with respect to our inner world who is wise enough here, to define what we should experience, and what thoughts and feelings are legitimate. It is a slavery imposed on us, due to our unquestioned ideas and stories borrowed from the world.

We are giving the power to the world to define for us whether the experience we are having is worthy enough or not, and the thoughts and feelings we feel, are valid enough or not, rather than just flowing with whatever is happening to us given by the divinity itself.  And the so-called saints and swindlers together try to impose an inner slavery on us and try to sell ‘packages’ of inner well-being and happiness. Who has the power to define us and our experiences, which is the divine itself?

Having the trust in the existence rather than following the world-view of how life should be, is the fruit of knowledge everyone is bestowed with. Not trusting what is happening to us is a sure way of getting lost in the world of absurdity and external validation forever. Most of the so-called suffering, or almost all, is valid only through the lens of comparison between what is happening to us, and what should be happening to us. If there is no model to compare our lives and experience with, where is the question of problems to be solved?

Whatever arises in the moment is all there is, what else can there be?






One thought on “Absurdity of ‘Normal’

  1. This is a good read. Many of the rules that society imposes on us have no logical background and just because they’re in motion for quite sometime, people have been blindly following them. Those who are curious to know the underlying meaning find the contradictions in those rules and lead a abnormal yet happy life. If not, you’re forever stuck in the cycle of following rules without getting contended.

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