The Dance of Vulnerability


To be vulnerable means to be willing to have the courage, to love yourself and help yourself, by letting your being and your state of mind, be seen by others. That way, you are not ashamed of caring for yourself and letting others to do the same for you.

It is the beginning of the free flow of energy between you and the environment. It means that you are finally letting the magic happen to you. The burst of energy, which had been protected for so long, is finally allowed and there is a flux of energy going in and out of your boundary.

And you become powerful, which you have always been longing for.!

You deserve to be seen, your core parts of being, with all its beauty and mess, with or without judgements. You deserve to be transparent and supported by the environment, as you are the product of life itself.

You deserve love and warmth. You deserve justice. You deserve all the magics of life, and its embrace.

You have the right to express, even in the midst of a thousand judgements. You are brave enough to dance in the bites of a thousand scorpions.

You are standing firm on your very right of being. And you will win, for there is no one in the competition, but only you.

You dance in the rain with all its stings of judgments and vulnerability. And then, you inspire others and invite them for the dance too. The dance of vulnerability. Bravo!



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