An open letter to the ones..

who came into my life, though sometimes momentarily, and showed me that I am worthy of love and not separate from the same life force he/she feels connected to..

who with a warmth of a touch made me feel my own presence….

who, with their radiant eyes that could see through the pain and trauma’s carried for ages, would reaffirm me that this connection is planned in eternity and whatever drama happening here is, just temporary…

who, even though has been neglected by me, still prays and hopes for the best things to happen to me..

who, for my own good, let me go when I was struggling to let go….

who, I still have not met physically, but has blessed me and the world with their infinite love and wisdom

who, I am yet to meet, to play the part I am purposed to play….

who is happy to heal me, though it hurts him/her, with a mystical smile

—- Thanks and Love.




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