Nobody Special


I am not what you expect me to be. Not a genius nor a moron. Not an achiever nor would be willing to follow the crowd blindly. You would be terribly fooled if you expect me to be “spiritual” if you confuse the term with being perfect. Even you would be disappointed if you expect me to be pleasant, wise, perfect, or having mastered even the silliest of the emotions. Or expect me to write error free English!

I am jealous, pretentious too, at times or other. I am insecure but willing to bring it to the light of the day.

I am not what my profile says or my resume boasts. I am not an absolute follower of what I share on social media nor what I write. In short, I am no way near perfect.

Don’t be disappointed with the false image of yours about me. I am played by the life force. It has a mission to accomplish and it is doing perfectly well.

I am nobody special if that is what you are looking for. If you have the ability to see the beauty in the ordinary, you would be delighted in my presence.

I am the product of the creation, having its stamps all over me. An experiment in making.

A person who had stayed longer in the night than the day and now willing to align with the life force.

I am nobody special but who cares.

Thanks and Love,




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